Continuing Professional Development

A key role for our Teaching School is to continually improve ourselves and our schools.

This investment will reap dividends in the months and years ahead. As such we have developed a programme of professional development which is based on what works in our schools in making exceptional rates of progress.

Our programme is based on the following principles and aims:

1) To continually renew our knowledge and learning and in doing so, providing a world class curriculum offer to our pupils.

2) To search out evidence based, impactful approaches to learning which are proven to maximise the progress of our pupils and create training to help our partners to build a world class offer where exceptional progress is the norm.

3) To ensure that all staff in our schools are given the opportunity to improve and better themselves with the ulitmate intent that this benefits the pupils we teach.

We believe in a three stage model of staff and curriculum development:

1) That the principles of school improvement are explained and justified.

2) That these principles should be then seen in action.

3) That the learning gained should be employed more widely and staff coached to help maximise the impact of these principles.

We offer:

* Conferences - The teaching school will run an annual Senior Leadership conference in the summer term and an NQT/RQT conference in the autumn term

We also signpost the Fylde Coast Teaching School Alliance Twilight programme which has a range of twilight CPD opportunities.

Research and Development

The Research and Development strand of the Teaching School's work is key to ensuring that we capture the most effective and impactful pedagogy to support our schools in developing a learning culture within each school which supports children and students to be the very best that they can.

This evidence based research will then inform CPD programmes for Blackpool schools. We also want to hear from Blackpool schools about support that they need with teaching and learning. If we don't have some solutions initially we can get out R&D to work on sourcing solutions.

We will also offer suggestions and book reviews of texts which partner schools have found useful so that we take you straight to resources which have helped schools to improve.

Our Research and Development work links closely with the Blackpool Research School at St Mary's.

Leadership Development and Succession Planning

Our teaching school works hand in hand with the Fylde Coast Teaching School Alliance and Tauheedul Teaching School to offer a wide range of leadership development oppportunities.

Access to National Professional Qualifications is through Tauheedul Teaching School who have the contract to run these courses. This includes courses for middle, senior and executive leaders as well as governors.

We also work closely with the Diocese of Blackburn to access leadership training for those working in Church of England schools and Lancashire Professional Development Service to draw on the best that LPDS has to offer.


We are also working to create an offer for Governors who offer schools strategic leadership.

However our teaching school will offer training for NQTs and middle leaders in understanding governance and how their roles interact with that of governors. We have partnered with the very experienced and well respected Blackpool Governor Services for this work.

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