Q. How long does the course last?

The course is a full academic year in duration you are full time in school from the beginning of September to mid-July.

Q. I don’t have the correct GCSE’s what can I do?

Having GCSE’s at a minimum of a C grade in Maths, English and Science is a Government set criteria. Equivalency tests are accepted, some of these do not require you to undertake a year’s course in order to sit the test. For more information on this you can contact admissions at the University of Cumbria.


Q. I have a third class degree, can I apply?

Candidates with a third class degree will be considered for the course, an additional academic task may be required at interview to ensure you are able to work at level 7.


Q. What are skills tests, how do I book and when do they need to be completed by?

You have to pass the professional skills tests in numeracy and literacy before you begin your teacher training. You’ll have unlimited attempts at resitting the skills test, with over 80% of candidates passing both literacy and numeracy skills test on their first attempt. The key to passing is plenty of preparation and practice. For more information go to the get into teaching website.


Q. Do I need to have experience in school before applying?

Experience is not a Government set requirement for teaching, however, teaching is a unique vocation and experience will help you gain a realistic view of teaching and the skill set that is required. Blackpool Teaching School Alliance can support successful applicants in gaining further experience prior to starting the course.

Q. Do I have to travel to the University of Cumbria?

No, all taught sessions by the University of Cumbria are delivered in a Blackpool based school. You have the option of travelling to the Lancaster campus to use the learning support services provided by the university e.g. the library.

Q. How much does the course cost?



Q. Can I get help financially while completing the course?

Information on what financial support is available can be found here. 


Q. How do I apply?

To apply for PGCE Primary with QTS or PGCE primary with QTS (SEND specialism) click here.
Find us on UCAS under Teacher Training- Primary- Blackpool Multi Academy Trust 
Training provider codes:
1XH- Primary - Training programme code=2TTQ 
1XH- Primary with SEND - Training programme code=38TK


Q. When can I apply?

UCAS applications can be made from mid to late October.


Q. How likely is it that I will get a job after I finish the course?

Over the course of the year while being hosted and undertaking placements you will gain experience in a range of Blackpool Schools, therefore, when vacancies become available at these schools they are already aware of your skills and capabilities. Since we have been running our School Direct course our student have benefitted from very high employment rates, most of which are in local schools.

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