The Programme

If you are interested in teaching children with SEND our School Direct SEND route is perfect for you. You may consider this option if you want to teach in a SEND school or if you aspire to work in a mainstream school with an interest in SEND or becoming a SENCO. Currently we are the only provider in Blackpool offering a SEND specialism. We first offered our SEND route in September 2018 and feel we have a fantastic course which gives you a breadth of knowledge around SEND.  
Our School Direct programmes are so successful because they immerse you into life in a Primary or Special School. You will become part of the staff team, observing, supporting and team teaching alongside highly skilled practitioners. You experience first-hand the wider professional responsibilities of a teacher as you become involved in after school clubs, CPD events and a range of whole school events. Alongside this you will receive 1 day per week of high quality training around pedagogy and practice delivered by practicing teachers, some sessions you receive will be alongside your mainstream colleagues and some will be SEND specific. A further 1 day per week will be spent studying the PGCE module element of the programme at level 7, which is delivered by the University of Cumbria within an Alliance school based in Blackpool. Opportunities for trainees to work or study collaboratively will be a focus of our training programme. Trainees who accept an offer to undertake their training with BTSA will be given the opportunity to spend time in school before the programme starts in September. 


There are 3 formal assessed placements as part of the programme. A 4 weeks assessed placement in the Autumn term, a 5 week placement in the Spring term and a 9 week placement in the Summer term. You will be required to teach in 2 different age phases and in a minimum of 2 different school settings. Students undertaking the Primary with SEND programme will be hosted in two SEND settings across the year and can undertake up to 2 assessed placements in a Special School with a compulsory placement in a mainstream setting. 

Student Facilities

Our trainees will be provided with the highest quality of training and school based experiences. As this is a School Direct Programme, additional student facilities e.g. library access and Student Support Services, will be provided by The University of Cumbria. 

Study Facilities 

Each school within the alliance has facilities available to undertake reflective study. Additional study materials and access will be provided by the University of Cumbria.

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