This service is being offered by Park Community Academy free of charge to all BTSA schools for the financial year 2019-2020. However it is also available for non BTSA schools to buy in at the following rates

£175 for a full day

£100 for half a day. 


What does our service offer?

Support may be provided through

• Park Community Academy staff visiting mainstream settings to observe

pupils, talk to staff, offer advice.

• Mainstream colleagues spending time in Park Community Academy

observing staff and looking at resources.

• Training packages delivered to mainstream schools by Park Staff.

• Advice on teaching styles, differentiation, planning and access strategies.

• Advice on curriculum modification.

• Advice/support re. tracking pupil progress.

• Advice/support for SSAs working with SEN pupils.

• Advice/support re. the deployment and management of SSAs working

with SEN pupils.

• Training in behaviour management at a range of levels.

• Training in the use of Team Teach and writing manual handling plans (at an additional cost of £100 per delegate). 

• Advice re. supporting the parents of pupils with SEN.

• Advice re. supporting the emotional needs of the SEN child.


Mainstream Support Brochure

SEND referral form

If you would like to take advantage of this service, please complete the referral form and return to


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