Teaching Schools have specific areas of responsibility for school improvement known as "The Big Three."

These are to:

Play a greater role in training new entrants to the profession
Coordinate and lead professional and leadership development
Identify and develop leadership potential
Provide support for other schools
Designate and broker Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs)
Engage in Research & Development

In essence Teaching Schools believe:

  • That every school in England is entitled to relevant and timely support
  • Every school in England is prepared to be a giver of support
  • Every school in England is in an effective partnership

The Teaching Schools Council  supports teaching schools to improve the system for children and young people.


Teaching Schools have Key Performance indicators and these are listed below:

Teaching School Alliance Level Indicators  

Indicator 1: At least 10% of the alliance consists of schools that are below the government’s floor standard or judged as inadequate or requires improvement by Ofsted1 at the point of their engaging.

Indicator 2: Early employment rates for School Direct ITT trainees who have undertaken their training in partnerships where the teaching school is the lead or a partner school is equal or greater than the national average for school direct each year.

Indicator 3: The proportion of schools supported within the alliance that improve in one or more of the following ways is greater than that for all schools nationally:

a. Greater attainment increase at any Key Stage 

b. Greater progress at Key Stage 2 or Key Stage 4 

c. Improved performance of disadvantaged pupils relative to other pupils in the school.

d. Improve their Ofsted grades since joining the alliance (and maintained the improvement if re-inspected)(overall judgement, leadership and management or teaching) Nb – alternative evidence will be considered for special schools, independent schools, sixth forms and early years providers where data is not available for all these indicators.

Indicator 4: The proportion of school-based staff within the alliance that are promoted:

a) to leadership 

b) to senior leadership or headship/executive headship. 

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