School Business Leader network

We had a great first meeting in July 2019 where there was a brainstorming discussion about what support and training the teaching school could offer SBLs.

It was agreed that a termly networking meeting would be really useful, also that any relevant training that could be held locally would be welcome.

To begin with we've liaised with Forbes Solicitors who have agreed to launch their Education Forum meetings in Blackpool: these are updates that are aimed at all senior leaders and governors, and are free to attend.  For more information click here.

The BEP steering group are continuing to look into relevant training opportunities and we will add more details to this site as things are organised.

At our second meeting in November 2019, we had wide-ranging discussions including: succession planning for SBLs, apprenticeships in school, issues around service provision, group procurement and parent communication systems.  Our February 2020 meeting followed on from this, with further discussion about service providers - including IT support, catering and cleaning (pros & cons of contracting out) - and a range of other topics.

Our next meeting takes place in June 2020 (see calendar).

For more information about our SBL network group:

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